The LAMPS network

Since 2014, the Latin American Metabolic Profiling Society seeks to strengthen its community in Latin America

Key research objectives of 21st Century science are maximizing energy and agricultural resources and understanding the relative contributions of genes, diet, lifestyle and other environmental factors that determine disease risk and therapeutic responses of individuals and whole populations. Analytical methods such as Nuclear Magnetic Resonance (NMR) and Mass Spectrometry (MS) among others, can be used to produce highly reproducible fingerprints of biological samples, characterize new material, foster discovery of new molecules, provide insight about interactions between macromolecules, study the ion flow in batteries, etc. Despite the potential of these analytical techniques to tackle the challenges of our century, dedicated facilities are limited in Latin America due to the high investment required, lack of equipment, low availability of trained scientists and low standardization of the technology among others. The Latin American Metabolic Profiling Society (LAMPS) is a young network that seeks to strengthen collaborations across the continent, promote emerging technologies and practices that help to make science more reproducible and open.

The membership

We like to keep things simple but formal. Find out more about the network and how to become a member by reading our charter below. When ready click here to postulate for memebership.

Lamps Charter

The Charter

The LATIN AMERICAN METABOLIC PROFILING SOCIETY - LAMPS will seek to find sustainable solutions to grow a robust and stable capacity for metabolic profiling in Latin America, that includes, but is not limited to: joint-institution training camps, continent-wide collaborative projects, sharing of experiences and practices relevant to Latin America and unified participation in international networking activities.

Memorandum of Agreement

A Memorandum of Agreement

The LAMPS network aims addressing the challenges faced by the Latin Amercian region, but nothing there is no point in working alone. Thus, in January 2021, an agreement was signed with the metabolomics society to look for solutions together. We hope that the LAMPS affiliation with the Metabolomics Society will aid in highlighting metabolomics research from the Latin America region and enable global collaborative and training opportunities.